70-486 Exam Design the build and deployment architecture (10-15%)

Design the build and deployment architecture (10-15%)

Design a browser artifact build strategy

Design a JavaScript build pipeline using Gulp, Grunt, npm and Bower

Design an artifact build strategy using Less, Sass and Font Awesome

Design and implement a bundling and minification strategy for broswer artifacts, including JavaScript, CSS and images

Design a server build strategy

Manage NuGet dependencies

Target runtimes, including the full .NET Framework, .NET core, and .NET standard

Manage debug and release configurations, including compilation and optimization options

Include or exclude files from build; manage build sources, including content, resources, and shared files

Implement metadata for projects, including version, release notes, and descriptions

Define other build options, including xmlDoc and warningsAsErrors

Work with static files in ASP.NET core

Design a publishing strategy

Implement application publishing using dotnet.exe

Manage publishing options in csproj

Implement additional tooling

Implement pre-publish and post-publish scripts

Implement native compilation; publish to Docker container image

Implement an Azure deployment strategy

Deploy Azure Web App using supported deployment models including FTP, Kudu, Web Deploy, and Visual Studio Publishing Wizard

Provision ARM-based resources while deploying applications

Implement deployment environments, including dev, test, and prod in Azure

Use deployment slots for staging sites

Deploy to Azure Stack

Implement a on-premises deployment strategy

Deploy application to IIS using Web Deploy, xcopy, and Visual Studio Publishing Wizard

Deploy application to Windows Nano Server, deploy application to IIS Hosted Web Core, deploy application to HTTP.sys web server

Deploy application to Kestrel on Windows and Linux; implement reverse proxying to Kestrel using IIS and Nginx

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